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The DIY Kits are complete with everything that you require, including the helium cylinder with the regulator, balloons and ribbons. If you already have balloons and ribbon, you can just hire a helium cylinder (including the regulator).
The kit price is inclusive of plain coloured balloons only, the great news is there is no limit on how many different colours you can choose.

Hiring helium or a DIY Kit is an easy and cost effective way to decorate your venue. Whether you want to float balloons on the ceiling, create your own table or floor arrangements or tie balloons to chairs and railings, the DIY Kits are one of the easiest ways to inject colour and life into your next function.

Please note that your balloons need to be helium quality for them to be filled with helium (otherwise they may not float for very long or they may burst immediately on inflation).  See the packaging of your latex balloons to find out whether they are helium quality or not.  Most balloons made from foil, known as “foil balloons”, are helium quality balloons (see packaging for clarification). Bubble balloons are also usually helium quality balloons (see packaging for clarification).

Please also note that helium filled latex balloons last approximately 8-10 hours from the time of inflation.  This means that you will need to inflate your balloons on the same day as your function as close to the time of your function as possible (within 3 hours is best) to ensure you get the best from your balloons. Please note you cannot do the balloons the day before your function.

*All Helium tank hires come with a flexi nozzle to inflate balloons (must be returned with tank)


Helium tank hire is over a 7 day period. A $50 deposit is required upon hire of tanks and will be returned when the tank is returned within the 7 day hire period. If tank is not returned within the 7 days, you will forfeit your $50 deposit and incur a rental fee of $9.95 per week it is late.


  • Latex Balloons remain inflated for 8-10 hrs indoors, and up to 6-8 hrs outdoors.
  • Attach the nozzle and turn the valve. Gas is released only when you bend the nozzle. Do not open valve until nozzle is fully attached, as the gas will release at a very high pressure and can be very dangerous.
  • Do not stand directly above tank when releasing gas.
  • Ensure the balloon is at least ¾ over the nozzle and hold the balloon in place to ensure gas does not escape when inflating
  • Only fill balloons to 28 cm diameter in size, overfilling will make the balloons pop and you will not fill the recommended number of balloons
  • Do not leave the nozzle attached to the balloon tank when not in use – they are delicate and easily damage. Damage to the nozzle can occur if the valve is in the open position for more than 24 hours.
  • Turn the valve off, release gas and unscrew nozzle. Nozzles cannot be removed until gas is released
  • Ensure tank is secured when traveling.
  • Read and follow instructions on side of the bottle. Duty of care remains the responsibility of the hiring customer.


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