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Helium DIY Kit 50 Balloons


Product Description

CL helium bottle inflates 50 helium quality balloons and also a regulator is hired with the helium bottle.

Kit includes: 10 x Printed helium quality balloons and 40 x plain coloured balloons of your choice and balloon ribbons to match the colours of the balloons you choose.

The helium tanks are measured to do exactly 50 x 28cm balloons. We recommed that you place your helium bottle 28cm from the tip of your regulator nozzle to a wall – that way when your balloon touches the wall you know to stop. Your decorations will look more professional if all balloons are the same size and sizing is crucial for flying time with helium filled balloons. Overfilling balloons stretches the latex and allows gas to escape more quickly, it also makes the balloons pear shaped and harder to tie off. Under-filling can severely affect the flying time.

A knot is the most effective way of sealing a balloon, however, if you have lots of balloons to do, there are alternatives. A balloon seal or clipped ribbon can be used to tie off balloons.

Helium hire is ONLY in Dubbo NSW and surrounding areas.